The Institute of Business Advisers (Nigeria) has been working on its structure and scope to meet the urgent work force recruitment needs of Business/Corporate Organizations across the country.

IBA assist job seekers to get trained on the course: Quality Service Delivery in Business Organization. After the competency based training course, the institute further assist candidates on the crucial issue of job placement/referrals which is the most important objective of this programme, we also advise Business/Corporate organizations by recommending and referring competent graduates who have successfully participated in our Quality Service Delivery Course to fill available job vacancies.

Company directors and employers of labor prefer IBA graduate trainees based on their business and service problem solving techniques that has been inculcated in them through structured requisite training skills and competencies for a high performance work force.

By default, the programme is designed to run by distance learning (independent study) in order to accommodate job-seekers in the remote part of the country without ethnic or religion bias. However special arrangements were made in the past to accommodate candidates who prefer class room based programme. This arrangement will not cease to run.

Ten (10) frequently asked questions (FAQS)
1. Question:- Where is the venue and who are the facilitators?
Answer: For class based, the venue is 56 Liberty Stadium Road, Oke Ado, Ibadan. But for distance learning, each candidate will be sent course material via email and will study independently. Facilitators for class based training courses are experienced Bank Service Managers in Nigeria banking industry.

2. Question:- What is the duration of the course?
Answer:- Class based training course runs for two days while distance learning runs for one week of independent study.

3. Question:- What next after the training ?
Answer:-After the training, you will attempt a knowledge index test (Two practical questions) via E-mail.

4. Question:- When can I request for my training certificate?
Answer:- You should request for the certificate immediately after the knowledge index test. Any training certificate not taken or requested for latest one month after the knowledge index test will be forfeited without prejudice. Please find the sample certificate below for your reference.

5. Question: - How much will it cost to benefit from the competency based training with job placement/job referral services of IBA?
Answer:- The whole programme is free. But before your training certificate can be processed you must pay a mandatory processing fee and VAT which is N495 only. Your test score will be sent along with the training certificate. We do not provide test score upfront without a processed training certificate backing it up.

6. Question: - Can I access more courses?
Answer:- Yes, you can also access two other courses via the same arrangement. The courses are:
(I) Office Etiquette & Professional Behavior.
(II) Team Building & Team Working Skills in Business Organization.
Please note that you must have gotten your training certificate on Quality Service Delivery before you can apply for both or any of the other two courses. For those who participated in more than one course. The particular training course where such candidate recorded highest mark will be used as basis for evaluating the candidate.

7. Question: - How much will I pay for job placement/referral
Answer: - The service is free.

8. Question:- How will I collect my certificate after the test?
Answer: -The certificate will be available for collection at the area office Ibadan immediately after the payment of processing fee and vat. If you cannot come down for collection due to far distance, a downloadable version of the certificate will be sent to your mailbox. The certificate can also be sent to you through DHL subject to your request and willingness to bear the cost. These are the three available mediums by which you can collect your certificate.

9. Question: - What should I do after receiving my certificate of training?
Answer: - You must update your C.V with the Quality Service Delivery Course, after that send your updated C.V to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. then your credentials will be worked on for job placement/referral as the case may be while the institute will also apply for jobs on your behalf with a guarantee of you providing excellent and world class service delivery based on your performance at the Knowledge Index Test.

Answer: - SEND A MAIL TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AND YOUR COURSE MATERIAL WILL BE SENT TO YOUR E-MAIL WITHIN THREE WORKING DAYS.

1.Candidates with 75% Scores & above:- Priority for job placement with 100% post graduate scholarship ( MBA Degree in Business Consulting ) From Pebble Hills University U.S.A

2.Candidates with 55-74% Scores : Priority for job referral with 70% post graduate Scholarship ( MBA Degree in Business Consulting ) From Pebble Hills University U.S.A

3.Candidates with 40-54% Score: low priority for job referral.

4.Candidates with score below 40% : Course to be re-taken

NOTE: MBA Degree scholarship is supported by Pebble Hills University U.S.A

IMPORTANT: In case you want IBA to be your professional contact, for job tips, scholarships and training programmes we advise that you send us a friend request via our facebook and twitter pages as follows & You may also like us on any of the two platforms above.

We render job placement services only when we receive Trained Graduate request from recruiting and Business organizations. But for job referrals/recommendations to advertising organizations, this is an exercise that is carried out daily at The Institute of Business Advisers. Once again please note that both services are freely rendered to our trainees.

We wish you a rewarding relationship with IBA.

Graduate Trainee Team.
For: The Institute of Business Advisers.


Please CLICK HERE to download the sample Certificate



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