1.0 The Institute of Business advisers (IBA)  is an approved training organization responsible for the assessment, accreditation and continuing professional training and development of Business Advisers, Consultants and Managers  in Nigeria. IBA offers various professional training courses as well as various business career programmes which includes: Food Export Business with Overseas Business Excursions among others.

1.1 The IBA also offers human capital business advisory services to business organization and employers of labor who are in need of trained and qualified workforce without further incurring the cost of professional training programs needed to perform excellently well in quality service delivery, team working skills, office etiquette and professional behavior, Sales and relationship management and other related on the job skills.

1.2 The IBA also offers various business empowerment programs for youths in any part of Nigeria which includes:  Zero Interest Business Empowerment Loans with the aid of online application to also enable candidates outside Oyo State benefit from the scheme.

2.0 Training Delivery Methodologies

2.1 Class Based Instructor Led. Training: -

These are training programmes facilitated at training venues. This is a traditional method of training programmes where trainees and trainers meet face to face. At the Institute of Business Advisers, class-based training programmes are concluded with or without training assessment depending on the course.

2.2 Online-Based Instructor Led Training:-

 These are training programmes conducted via internet i.e online. It is also an Instructor led simply because the E-Learning Administration Department of the Institute is responsible for online facilitation, explanation and also responding to questions from online students. Programs under this category are concluded with short post training assessment test via email.

2.3 Self-Study Training Course Programme:-

 This is a method of training programme where candidates are expected to complete the reading of course materials through independent study. It is a self-study method of learning. All training courses under this category are concluded with mandatory online assessments test via email.


3.1 Single Subject Training Courses:-

These are stand-alone training courses that do not include additional topics and sub-topics within the course. Examples of such courses are:

  • Quality Service Delivery in Business Organization
  • Office Etiquette and Professional Behavior
  • Team Working & Team Problem Solving Skills
  • Business Analysis and Strategy
  • Business and Company Incorporation
  • World Class Service Delivery for School Teachers.
  • Business Sales & Relationship Management e.t.c


  • Class-Based N75, 500 (One day duration)
  • Online-Based N15, 500 (Two weeks duration/Self-Paced)
  • Self-Study N5, 000 (Self-paced with two weeks/Self-Paced)

3.2 Multiple Subject Training Courses:-

These are robust courses with additional topics and sub-topics within the course, examples of such programmes are:

(A) Practice of Consulting Business & Training Services

(B) Private School Business Start-up Consulting e.t.c.


(A) - Class Based N200,000 (One Month of Weekends)

      - Online N100,000 (Two Months)

      - Self Study (Not applicable)

B) - Class Based N150,000 (Three Weekends duration)

       - Online N100,000 (One and half Month duration)

       - Self Study (Not applicable)


  • All training programmes of the Institute runs for free only for registered members of the Institute.
  • For collection of certificates, each candidate must come in person to the administrative headquarters or any of our Off-Site Service Centres in Ibadan. Candidates who are not resident in Ibadan can request for their training certificates to be sent via courier only if such candidates are willing to bear the cost. At present, the cost of courier is N1, 500. The courier cost may change from time to time based on current prevailing rate.
  • Please note that in all cases, candidate can only apply for one training course at a time. Also candidates who have outstanding training certificates to be collected for already completed programme cannot apply for another course until the outstanding certificate is collected.

4.0 Tuition Free Training Programmes for Teenagers

These are training programmes run by the Institute without charging tuition fee. Example of such is the Young Managing Directors Incubation programme for Teenagers.

4.1 Young Managing Directors Incubation Programme:

This is a tuition free programme designed for teenagers and others not above 19years of age. The Introduction of this scheme by I.B.A took effect immediately after discovering of the youngest managing director in the world whose name is Suhas Gopinath the Founder/Managing Director of Globals Inc. an IT Multinational company which he established at the age of 14. Suhas Gopinath was born on March 10, 1994 at Bengalore, Karnaka India.

This programme is targeted to sow, preserve and nurture the seed of greatness in young ones and rebrand them to a successful Managing Directors before University graduation.

This programme is suitable for Secondary School Students. A proposal will be prepared by the Institute for Consulting staff members to present to school proprietors for mass recruitment of secondary school trainees. The programme duration is six months with combination of both class based and online training. The programme took off in Kano state chapter in the year 2014/2015 School Session.


Tuition is free but a commitment fee of N1, 500 must be paid by each student. Out of this payment, N500 per candidate will be reimbursed to the school management for entrepreneurial development.

5.0 Membership & Grading Structure


IBA membership is structured into seven (5) grades as follows:

  • Registered Member (By simple registration with non-refundable N2000 only)
  • Trainee Member (Registered member undergoing training)
  • Associate Member (Research Based or via Fast track Food Export Programme)
  • Fellow Member (Research based)
  • Affiliate Member (Undergraduates/OND holders who have completed associate membership programme of IBA)

6.0 IBA Bank Account Details for all programme fees

Bank Name: Access Bank of Nigeria Plc

Account Name: The Institute of Business Advisers

Account Number: 0054834989.

For further enquiries on any of our services, send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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